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"Do happy, be your nostalgia:

You can’t go back and live in that time when you felt adventurous, peaceful, or free, but you can use the knowledge of what made you feel happy and alive to make today meaningful for you."
Biilie & Mister

Not 100% cranky ;)

Started at 5 am today, got all my cat sitting jobs done, made the gym, then signed up for class. Good day. BUT, tomorrow even better, more work on my left sleeve. Tattoos Yay!!!!!!!!!

Pic today is because of the heavy rain that is never ending! This was last summer:

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Stormy Sunday

Song of the day for me on this stormy Sunday:

"Watching The Water"
I hope you don't remember everything I said
Memories like roses, fading in my head
Things I said in anger, I should have said with love
I know some people never find what we've had plenty of
Don't you think I worry?
Do you really think I know?
Don't you think I wonder where it is I'm going?

Waiting for the rain
to wash away the pictures in my head
I know I'll never see again
Watching the water
Waiting for the rain
Walking in the water
Tasting the rain
-Johnette Napolitano